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the actions of two of its djs. they played a hoax. >> i think it's a terrible shame, catastrophe that she felt she to do something so tragically glad she transferred a prank call from the radio host to another nurse treating the duchess of cambridge for morning sickness. that nurse gave a detailed report to the d. j.s. >> they may have done it as a prank but they didn't think of the consequences afterwards. >> the hosts took down their twitter accounts and agreed to suspend their show indefinitely. their boss says the djs are shocked. >> their primary concern is for the family of nurse saldona. this is a tragic event that could not have been reasonably foreseen. >> her family is mourning her loss. >> . >> her sister-in-law broke down describing the mother of two as a good natured beautiful woman. >> and london police say her death is not suspicious, but they will not confirm how she died until an autopsy is completed. hospital officials say she was not reprimanded for transferring that phone call. >>> back here to baltimore city, police are asking for
tonight makes 29 recommendations to improve embassy security, but found no cause for disciplinary action. the independent panel also determined terrorists were behind the attack, not protesters outside the building, as initially reported. >>> bound, blind folded and threatened to be killed. a network journalist is freed after a five-day ordeal in syria. he was captured after crossing into northwest syria from turkey. their escort was killed and he was load nood a container -- loaded into a container truck. during an ensuing fire fight engel and his crew escaped unharmed. no ransom demands were made. >>> police are still trying to determine the motive behind the connecticut school shooting. but detectives say the 20-year-old shooter may have been mentally ill and he may not have gotten the help he needed. now a call to improve the count's mental health treatment. we talk to a local expert as to what can be done to avoid more tragedies. >> reporter: it's been widely reporter adam lanza suffered some kind of personality disorder but it's unclear if his family ever tried to get him help to p
: school leaders sprang into action launching a thorough review of security at all baltimore schools. in light of what happened in newtown, school superintendent says those changes will make schools safer. >> we have changed our focus to make sure that it's all being proactive. it's great to have protocols in place to react, but you have to do something on the front end. >> reporter: increased police presence. police provided extra patrols around the schools monday because school leaders know what happened in newtown. >> it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: she says all of her schools held faculty meetings to review emergency plans in each building and to discuss the safety measures in place for monitoring visitors. >> we train monthly to rehearse the security plans and that should this unlikely event, this unnatural type of disaster that staff could respond the way they did in connecticut. >> reporter: most brought in counselors to help students still struggling to cope with what happened in connecticut. >> only some schools in baltimore and howard counties have security buzzers a
should not have to wait and see is some sort of action so if we don't see an agreement between the two leaders in the senate i expect a bill to go on the floor. and i've asked senator reid to do this put a bill on the floor that makes sure that taxes on middle-class families don't go up. that unemployment insurance is still available for 2 million people and that lays the groundwork then for additional deficit reduction and economic growth steps that we can take in the new year. >> all of this still developing. and we will have more on all of it with mark shields and david brooks later in the program. >> also ahead >> warner: also ahead, between now and then; protesting a gang rape in india; mass producing high quality education and remembering general norman schwarzkopf. but first, the other news of the day. here's kwame holman. >> holman: the u.s. economy has dodged a potentially crippling strike at ports up and down the east coast and gulf coast at least, for now. the longshoremen's union agreed today to extend its existing contract by another month. that word came after the union a
. be sure to stay tuned for wjz peschel's post -- special postgame coverage. other action from today's game. >> the low lights would be a loss. >> yes, to say the least. >> and the highlight would be the rain. >> no highlights as far as weather is concerned. you'll need to dress address in the purple slippers for today. fortunately, much of the rain is from our metro area in central maryland right on to our north, to our east, into our west. heading south towards dc, heading toward landover, you may just be on the edge of where the rain may be a factor. however, you have to prepare for it, because it is out there. you don't want to be dressed for sunshine if things are coming down. right now we are looking at showers toward today. we will stay cool. the rain makes it feel chilly. so we will call it cool with showers. 1:00, fedex field. what we are dealing with here are the showers in the area really extending all the way across the top tier from the mid-portion from annapolis to the north. we start to head down toward dc. you get to
rang out at perry hall high the first day of school leaders sprung into action creating a new security office. in light of what happened in newtown, school superintendent dr. dallas dance says those changes are making schools saefer. dr -- safer. >> we have changed our focus to make sure it's proactive. it's great to have protocols in class. >> increased police presence. police provide ed d extra patrol because leaders know what happened in connecticut. >> it could happen anywhere. >> re ne fuse says all of her schools held faculty meetings monday morning to review emergency plans in each building and to discuss the safety measures in place for monitoring visitors. >> our schools and staff train monthly to make sure we are rehearsed on the security plans and should this unlikely event occur that staff would respond much the same way they did in connecticut. >> most area schools brought in counselors to help students struggling to cope with happened in connecticut. >> the building. now they are looking to install the system at all schools. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the
, a look at the emancipation proclamation on the eve of the 150th anniversary of president lincoln's action to end slavery and the civil war. >> woodruff: plus michael beschloss and richard norton smith talk about potential historical turning points of the past year. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: the old year ticked down today, and with it went any hope of meeting the midnight "fiscal cliff" deadline. house republicans opted not to hold any votes on the issue tonight. so-- officially, at least-- more than $600 million in tax hikes and spending cuts begin taking effect tomorrow. in the meantime, senate republicans and the whi
on cbs. regional action including a game that matters that you will be watching, i know and it all begins with "the nfl today," dan, coach, shannon and boomer on "the nfl today" presented by southwest airlines and obviously, big ben and the steelers taking on the bengals the one that you will be keeping a watchful eye on. >> greg: i am going to have a bit of an interest. >> clark: ohio state, if they can somehow get a stop here and convert, very much right back in it. they'll maximize as much of the shot clock -- >> tim: there is craft doing what he does naturally. >> greg: the defense is giving them a chance. >> clark: exactly. >> tim: smith over the -- was that an over the back? i think it may have been. thad matta is in disbelief. i thought that was a long rebound. looks like it might be clean but a call that goes the other way, and kansas gets to the freeing line. >> clark: and it is the double bonus for the jayhawks. >> tim: that's right, two shots for young. you could almost see that in that sequence what you were talking about earlier when t
comedy or action? ahhh... i don't do or. or makes you choose. i want romaction. cyborg meets his baby mamma. waaa.. who wants or? i'm done with or. hit me! or...♪ huh...♪ yeah... ♪ what is it good for? ♪ ♪ absolutely nothing ♪ coke zero. real coke taste and zero calories. enjoy everything. >> tim: welcome back to "the jeep post-game show." tommy tuberville moving on to cincinnati today. which one of these hires surprised you the most? >> spencer: the tuberville, maybe it surprised some, the a.d. that hired him was with him at auburn bret bielema surprised me, won 62% hfs games. the issues with ohio state,y recruiting tactics probably encouraged him to leave. >> aaron: cincinnati with all due respect to cincinnati, they have problems with their facilities and some other things but i think cincinnati gets a great coach and a great replacement for butch jones. >> tim: hire of the year so far for me willie taggart, jim harbaugh disciple at south florida. he something special. people in tampa-st. pete are excited. that will just about do it for tonight.
association in washington. >> shame on the nra! >> reporter: speaking out for a political action committee, the group says the gun rights group is partly to blame for tragedies like newtown. but the executive director of gun owners of america thinks principals and teachers should carry guns to prevent tragedies like newtown. >> there are members of congress that would like to see the school zone gun ban done away with. and i think that's encouraging. >> reporter: pro-gun rights senator joe mansion of west virginia called on the gun industry to come together with congress to work on what he called a reasonable approach to curbing gun violence. he said all options should be on the table. cbs news, new york. >>> there is progress to report on fiscal cliff negotiations. two weeks from today, the painful series of spending cuts and tax increases will automatically go into effect if washington can't come up with a budget deal. late monday, though, we learned congressional republicans and the president are narrowing the gap in their differences. tara mergener is in washington with the latest. goo
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. this is a call for further action. we are again relentless in our pursuit to make sure that every neighborhood in our city is a safer neighborhood and that baltimore becomes one of the safetiest big cities in the country. >> underscoring the battle police face, less than 12 hours later police responded to four more shootings city wide. >> reporter: the victims in those shootings are young, 22 23 24 years old. police will continue those foot patrols. there will be officers in baltimore tonight. >> thank you. police arrest eded 19-year-old quinn holmes in that 1000th gun arrest. they say he assaulted the homeowner when she tried to get him to leave. >>> a man is dead two firefighters injured after a an over night house fire in northern baltimore county. the blaze broke out just about midnight at jacksonville. an elderly man who has not been identified was found dead inside the house after the flames were contained. the two firefighters have some sort of minor injuries. how it all started still hasn't been determined. >>> new information this noon on the shooting inside saint joseph medical cente
the quick actions that saved his life. >>> i know you might have thought. >> gets the beltway battle going as he issues a challenge to prince george's county executive days before they meet up in a regional rivalry, next. >>> mild air headed our way. complete forecast coming up next. >>> it is partly cloudy, 31 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete fore cost is coming up. >>> panic in the streets of buenes aires. people tried to cover their mouths as they walked outside. office workers wore gas masks. the sulfur-like odor came from a container fire. it was only mildly toxic and posed no major health risk. >>> subway and train service was suspended because of that cloud. >>> the officer was standing outside his parked vehicle as a truck headed right toward him. the driver crashed into a support cable and stopped just short of hitting the police car. investigators say the woman had a combination of medication and controlled substances in her system. >>> computer software billionaire john mcafee is hospitalized in guatemala. he's want
signal that russia is finally willing to take u.n. action to send a message to bashar al assad to stop the killing. one of april saud's few remaining allies and so faro posed action to intervene the crisis that killed nearly 40,000 people. >> margaret charlie rose here. has the report that david martin has, the story that david martin has reported that they're mixing the ingredients of chemical weapons influenced what the russians may be doing? >> reporter: well the russian foreign minister said that the assad government assures them that the reports that syria is readying chemical weapons are rumors. adamant among today's meeting, charlie, a signal russia wants to be a part of what comes next. if clinton can get them to support at the security council, they could roll out tough sanctions cutting syria off from any remains support. >> where does the violence stand? >> reporter: well, charlie, we're told that rebels surround the city of damascus which has been an assad stronghold. secretary of state hillary clinton says that bash ar al assad is assad-of- could use
. toyota got the okay from a u.s. judge on that massive class action settlement. the lawsuit was brought by car owners who lost value on their cars because of sudden unintended acceleration problems. toyota shares fell 0.5% to just above $92 per share. apple says it will withdraw patent claims against a new samsung phone after the company said it will not sell the phone in the u.s. but apple shares still sold off, down more than $5 to $509. barnes and noble says british media company pearson is making a $90 million investment in its nook media unit. that's about a 5% stake. back in april, microsoft made a $300 million investment in the unit. looking at the players: shares of barnes and noble jumped more than 4% to almost $15 a share. pearson slipped a fraction. and microsoft lost 1.5%. wal-mart plans to start monitoring the warehouses of subcontractors it uses here in the u.s. the program stems from complaints of poor worker treatment at the warehouses. shares of wal-mart fell slightly closing at $67.61. some turbulence in merger talks between american airlines and u.s. airways. the two
, this is all of us. >> this has changed the dialogue and it should move beyond dialogue, we need action. >> reporter: a newly formed grass roots is calling for better gun control. it plans to send a delegation to washington on tuesday. >> we have the benefit and misfortune of being on the national stage right now. this is a real opportunity for us to make a statement. >> reporter: schools here will reopen tuesday but sandy hook elementary will be closed until further notice. i'm troy dunnan. >>> tonight our media partner the baltimore sun reports a local tie, the parents of one of the victims once lived in maryland. >> there are faces attached to those names today and family members and friends are telling their stories. jim axelrod reports from newtown connecticut. >> reporter: simply put, anna marquez greene had the voice of an angel. she did not miss a beat as she sang along with her brother in this home video. in a statement on facebook her father jimmy greene wrote as much as she's needed here and missed by her mother, brother and me, ana beat us all to heaven, i love you baby girl
to meaningful action, and is meaningful action a ban on assault weapons and more? >> yes. yes to all of those, but to break it down, there is no doubt i think right now, all of us, all of us are citizens and residents of newtown, connecticut. that's number one. i think there's a genuine outpouring in the country for action that this type of event is -- you know, the tectonic shift in attitudes, that's number one. you have to have when reauthorization of the assault weapon ban, when i worked for president clinton we fought to get it to pass the house by one vote. i remember there was an attempt to pull it out of the crime bill. we kept it in and finally got it done. it was bipartisan when it passed. second, you have to deal with the clips and the straw purchases, which is how guns bled into urban and other areas vie at brady bill that deals with stores and at regular kind of merchants. almost 40% to 50% of the guns are guns through store purchases. and you must cover and deal with that kind of -- where guns seep into the rest of society. so in that comprehensive faction. everything in my view,
. one outspoken advocate for strict gun laws demanded action from the president today. new york mayor michael bloomberg says president obama isn't vigorously enforcing background checks on gun buyers and he criticized mr. obama for not naming a permanent director for the federal agency that enforced gun laws. we talked to the mayor today and we pointed out to him that many millions of americans disagree with gun control. >> lots of people think we shouldn't have speed limits. we still have speed limits. lots of people think we shouldn't have public schools. we still have public schools. lots of people are against a lot of different things. a democratic society you have to come together and what a majority of the people want. and every time somebody's on a poll the majority of people want sensible gun restrictions. >> pelley: and in your opinion sensible gun restrictions would include what? >> no guns in the hands of minors, no guns in the hands of criminals, no guns in the hands of people with psychiatric problems, no guns in the hands of people with substance abuse problems, no guns
and school safety will only intensify as the calls for action in the wake of newtown grow louder. chip reid is in washington with that part of the story. >> columbine. >> virginia tech, tucson. >> reporter: more than 50 hool stars joined forces to make this new public service announcement calling for an end to gun violence. >> it's time. >> it's time for our leaders to act. >> demand a plan. >> reporter: the question now, should a plan include the nra's call for putting an armed officer in every school? >> it's total nonsense. >> reporter: no, is the answer from andrei nikitchyuk whose eight-year-old son was in the hallway at sandy hook limitary as bullets flew nearby. the solution, he says, is gun control. >> why are we allowing sales of weapons that terrible in this country? >> reporter: that is shared by some parents parents in washington, d.c. where the son of bola aina attends school. >> mow we don't want guns in our school. >> reporter: but some parent here disagree. armed guards, they say, could be part of the answer. >> i think any effort to-- to protect our children is worth it. >>
has discovered more. >> reporter: the hard part was not getting in the way. >> and action. reporter: we were on the set as season 3 of downtown abbey was being shot. >> i've given my life to downtown. >> reporter: for a downtown fan like me, it was an adjustment realizing the phenomenon is fictional. >> his wardrobe or his house or his heating bills thankfully. >> reporter: behind the the scenes of downtown abbey later this sunday morning. >> osgood: bruno mars is one of the biggest names in the music world today but his success was anything but written in the stars. he'll be talking about it with our lee cowan. >> reporter: he is pop music's stylish wonder-kid. bruno mars has taken the charts by storm. but his first label dropped him. he almost didn't get another. >> why would we sign you if they didn't get you right? it's your fault you know. >> reporter: how bruno mars bounced back. later on sunday morning. >> osgood: the way hollywood special effects people create vivid images is about much more than technology alone. as far as we the viewers are concerned, it's magic. anthony m
. it was never fired and it was taken away without incident and that school faces disciplinary action. >>> in nearby milford, delaware, a 16-year-old was charged with bring ago shotgun to high school inside his car. police say he didn't threaten anyone and he now is in custody. >>> new tonight there is a tb case on unbc's campus. university officials say the person has been isolated and treatment has begun. right now the university and the health department are notifying people who may have come in contact with that individual so appropriate screening tests could be done. the health department says there is no need to be alarmed. tuberculosis is very difficult to contract through typical campus live. it is an airborne disease which typically affects the lungs. >>> baltimore county police are warning shoppers in towson about a thief stealing iphones. sunday afternoon two people were robbed of their iphones while shopping in towson town center. a woman sitting on the bench inside the mall had her iphone taken right out of her hands. another was stolen inside macy's. police are looking f
and that student now faces disciplinary action. vic, back to you. >> thank you. and nearby in milford, delaware a 16-year-old was charged with bringing a loaded concealed shotgun to high school in his car. police say he did not threaten anyone and now is in his parents' custody. >>> health concerns on the campus of the university of maryland baltimore county. school sent home a letter to students and famty confirming that somebody on campus has tuberculosis. it is not clear if it's a student or a staff member or where they contracted the disease. tuberculosis is an airborne disease in the lungs. the person is in isolation now being treated. >>> by plane, train and road tens of thousands of marylanders and millions of americans are getting ready to head out for the holidays. wjz is live on the beltway. christy with more on the big rush. >> reporter: hey there, vic. the auto club says travel by car, plane and train is up this season. no matter what mode of transportation you use, aaa says millions of marylanders will get away. for evan mcewan, the trip home for the holidays has already started. >
himself, nearly unrestricted powers. >>> we are learning more about the actions taken by a member of the u.s. coast guard, moments before his death, near the u.s.-mexico border. the coast guard says chief petty officer, terrell horn, fired several gunshots from an inflate believe boat to avoid getting shot. sadly, he died from head trauma after being struck by a propeller. officials say horn was trying to stop suspected drug smugglers. >>> it has been nearly one year since the death of maddox turk osh, the boy who fell into the painted dog exhibit at the pittsburgh zoo. we sat down to talk with the father about the accident and how they are coping with the accident. >> maddox a tendency to run sideways and look sideways, always checking himself outside, you know? and mady was always laughing. and his laugh always came from his stomach. >> reporter: most of us never met 2-year-old maddox duringosh. but ever since november 4th, we have known his face, his smile, those little glasses and the story of his fateful trip to the pittsburgh zoo, when h
. this is a call for further action. we are, again, relentless in our pursuit to make sure that every neighborhood in our city is a safer neighborhood. and that baltimore becomes one of the safest big cities in the country. >> reporter: underscoring the battle police face, less than 12 hours later, police responded to four more shootings. city wide. >> the victims in those shootings from edmondson village, to druid heights, were young, 22, 23, 24 years old. police say they will be continuing those foot patrols. officers will be out across the city tonight. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and police arrested 19-year- old quincy holmes in that gun arrest in park heights. they say he assaulted the homeowner when she tried to get him to leave. >>> the baltimore county fire department is investigating a fire that killed a man on sweet arrow road. flames broke out in the 5600 block, just after midnight last night. 62-year-old william spencer of jacksonville died at the scene. there were no hydrants in the area. so extra crews were called to help
age makes me feel good on film like we are not forgotten. >> liam neeson is flourishing as an action star at the age of 60, maintaining that older people have been underserved by hollywood. >> they're making movies for 15- year-old up to 25-year-olds. >> studios maintain that older people figure into their calculations. >> older audiences are avid moviegoers, they grew up with the habit, and they like to go to theaters, so they are an important part. >> the supply of movies catering to older people will continue, partly because the moviegoing audience appears to be getting older. last year in the u.s., the number of teenagers going to the cinema declined, while admissions among older people increased. the statistics may reflect the 78-strong baby boom generation have been more time to go to the movies more often. and films resonating with older audiences are winning awards. this film took home the top prize at the cannes film festival, and just last week admitted on to the preliminary short list for best foreign that movie oscar. >> more news on the website >> make sens
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call for swift action to fill the seat of one hawaii senator. how soon could be a -- could a successor are named? >>> the final countdown. only two shopping days left until christmas. what analysts are saying about this year's holiday rush. >>> plus mourning the victims of the sandy hook school massacre. we'll hear from the first people on the scene after the gunman's rampage, all this and much more when eyewitness news @Ñ >>> good morning and welcome back to eyewitness news this sunday. it's 8:32. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures are in the 20s and just teetering on about freezing this morning, so it's cold. >> it is cold. >> the difference, though, today than yesterday is there's no wind. while it's 28 degrees, it's a true 28 degrees. it's not 28 degrees with a wind chill of 20 or 18. >> feels like. >> yeah. feels like 28 degrees today. sunny skies, blue skies, calm winds, a nice comfortable start to the day. you expect it to be chilly, of course, in december, two days away from christmas but we are at least g
from taking on actions. but there are as you were trying to point out with the earlier guest 30,000 deaths, gun-related deaths a year in america. no single law is going to stop all of those. but if we can cut it in half, or cut it by 20% or even cut it by a tenth that's still thousands of lives. and maybe we wouldn't have some of those horrible images as we see right now these children being buried. >> schieffer: i think we reestablished communications with texas. senator hutch son you were talking about you do suggest at least schools being able to put police in schools if they think it's needed. but how about some of these other things? what about this idea of a ban on assault weapons? what about as senator warn ser talking about restricting the sales of these magazines that have 30 rounds in a clip? how do you feel about that? >> you know, i think we ought to be looking at where the real danger is, like those large clips. i think that does need to be looked at. we do have a ban on assault weapons, as was stated earlier. but it's the semiautomatic and those large magazines tha
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